It can be tough to find the right people to help your company grow. The last thing you want to do is spend time and money towards training and developing personnel, only to have them leave for another competitor. One way to retain key employees is through executive compensation.

When working with CG Financial, we will get to know your business and your employees. This enables us to suggest additional executive benefit packages that help you attract and retain the best talent, while putting them in the best position possible for their own financial goals. 

Whether it is a cash balance plans, non qualified deferred compensation, executive bonus or stock ownership plans, each option brings a unique advantage to the business, the business owners and the participants. Employees will be educated on how each of these programs work, any contribution that they will need to make or that will be made on their behalf and how it will be part of their current compensation and retirement goals.    

Ongoing reviews of these programs are vital to make sure that your company stays on the forefront of competitive executive benefit packages.