Planning for retirement is no easy task and can be very stressful. Many people are unsure if they have saved enough or if Social Security will be there for them. As you near retirement, how much risk should you be taking with your investments? At CG Financial, we analyze all these factors and many more.  This provides peace of mind knowing that if we go through a recession, you will not have to change your goals or go back to work.  

As you prepare for retirement you will need to start thinking about how much you want to spend in retirement. Many people plan to maintain their current standard of living, while other individuals desire to spend more. While others plan to live on less in order to retire early and reduce stress. No matter what lifestyle you want to live, a detailed plan is necessary.

Income Planning
You spend most of your working career accumulating assets, but have little experience withdrawing income from your nest egg in a sustainable, tax efficient manner. Once your retirement plan is developed, we help you determine where you will draw income from. We work closely with you to develop a strategy in which your monthly income matches your monthly expenses and when emergencies arise they can be taken care of quickly.

A “bucketing” approach to investing your assets divides your savings into investments with distinct purposes, tied to your personal goals. Funds needed within five years are invested conservatively with a focus on preservation. Savings not needed for six to twelve years can be invested in income- focused funds that have lower levels of volatility.  Any assets that are not needed for at least twelve years have the opportunity to appreciate with the markets. This can help keep the total portfolio value growing with inflation.