Everybody Has a Dream

CG Financial Services is an integrated team of advisors with a full umbrella of services, providing comprehensive financial planning encompassing in-house retirement planning, estate conservation, tax planning, accounting and insurance expertise.


At the heart of every retirement is a common goal. You want your money to work as hard for you as you have for it. At CG Financial Services, we understand that drive for the dream.

You’re working for the peace of mind to take a well-deserved break. The confidence to enjoy the true pleasures of life: spending time with the grandkids, finally seeing the Grand Canyon, hitting the links or truly relaxing for the first time.

Taking that vision beyond retirement planning, we’re looking at the big picture to encompass everything impacting your financial future: health & life insurance, long term care planning, tax planning, education planning, asset management and finally, estate planning.

We share your goals, dreams and passions, truly partnering with you to help you live the way you want to. It’s a dynamic, evolving process, and one of constant re-evaluation.