Though retirement plans are all about the future, their reality is grounded in today. At CG Financial Services, we understand that establishing and managing your organization’s plans require you to balance tomorrow’s goals with today’s needs.

Working closely with you, our advisors examine our selection to build an integrated plan that’s appropriate for your organization, then serve as your local liaison to help optimize the employee experience with education, one-on-one meetings, key employee planning and seminars. Options include 401(k), 403(b), 457, simple IRA, SEP IRA, profit sharing, defined benefit and deferred compensation plans, plus plan document setup, employee retention strategies and increased benefits to owners and key employees.

To keep employees well-informed and to help manage your fiduciary responsibility, we’re focused on providing relief from liability, complying with ERISA, maximizing employee awareness and offering employee seminars.

In ongoing plan reviews, we aren’t just looking at performance; we’re analyzing vital factors like cost structure, asset correlation and diversification* to balance potential returns and risks. Through it all, we’re maintaining regular, open communication with you and your employees to help ensure we’re on track with your needs and goals.