When it’s time to retire, the tax man may bring a harsh reality to the newest chapter of your life — unless you have a plan.

That’s where CG Financial Services comes in, with in-house tax and accounting professionals. We’ll work closely with you or your current tax consultant to help maximize your retirement and minimize the tax implications.

Virtually every aspect of your retirement strategy has tax implications, from social security to pension and annuities to 401(k) and IRA distributions. We’ll help you review your options, including tax-exempt and tax-deferred alternatives, understand your tax liabilities and project the value of your estate.

Understanding what’s happening now doesn’t mean you’re ready for later. Both current and long-term projections and strategies are critical for retirement.

Our advisors will partner with you to explore time-tested strategies for tax reduction, including options like maximizing standard deductions and exemptions or accelerating retirement distribution with excess deductions.